The Latymer School needed a new minibus, providing vital transport for sports events, trips and the outdoor education in north Wales. So we launched a raffle to help raise enough money.

The Grand Prize Draw took place in school on Thursday 16th November 2023. It was a resounding success raising thousands of pounds.

On behalf of the raffle team (Rhian, Elise, Pia, Ana, Selina, Phil and Atul) we would like to thank the Parents and Friends of Latymer, External individuals, Restaurants, shops and organisations who DONATED the lovely prizes.

In addition, Our friends at Castles (Estate Agents) supported us for the Autumn Raffle and minibus appeal - by donating money in return for every one of their advertising boards that Latymer families or friends agree to take. The LPF and school would like to thank them and hope so see them in the next exciting event. Castles do business all over north London and Enfield, so wherever you live, Castles will like the publicity.

The lucky winners of the raffle were:Alison Constanti; Deborah Leustean; Delphine Bunimovich; Des Chadwick; Diana Szalai; Emma Maloney; Esmari Phylactou; Giulia Bertolini; John Bolgar; Justina Johnson; Keeley McCalmont; Keeren Shah; Kritika Goenka; Louise Mir; Maddie Donovan; Mark Hunt; Mike Peirce; Miranda Yau; Nick Daniel; Nitin Kapoor; Peter Beal; Rebecca Waller; Shuo Tian; Sonali Bhagat; Swarnalee Banerjee-Cochrane; Tanya Kendrick; Vanessa Mead; Veena Mania; Xiu Hua Huang. Congratulations to all of them!

The top three prizes were won by John Bolgar, Swarnalee Banerjee-Cochrane and Veena Mania.

The ticket numbers were:

LPF28 , LPF52 , LPF219 , LPF339 , LPF484 , LPF495 , LPF504 , LPF547 , LPF761 , LPF922 , LPF947 , LPF1226 , LPF1898 , LPF2053 , LPF2183 , LPF2638 , LPF2721 , LPF2779 , LPF2986 , LPF3239 , LPF3672 , LPF3712 , LPF3886 , LPF3993 , LPF4614 , LPF4707 , LPF4811 , LPF4997 , LPF4998 , LPF5012 , LPF5200 , LPF5243 , LPF5311 , LPF5372